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Lifetime Implications

Financially, how prepared are you? Successful people face multiple and complex financial matters. Do you have the time, expertise, and tools to manage them? Do you intend to do it yourself? The decisions you make today have lifetime implications.

Are you diverting attention away from other important areas of your life to manage a host of financial matters that don't seem to have a common purpose or goal?  Do you lack a sense of progress?  The sad truth is that most people have not defined and prioritized their goals or their motives.

Is your net worth on track toward accomplishing your long-term goals? Do you know your current net worth? Have you defined your finish line or answered the question "How much is enough?"

Your financial adviser should:

  • have the experience, credentials, and resources needed to help you
  • assess your current personal and financial situation and concerns
  • help you identify and prioritize your goals and values
  • help you identify and document your motives (the "why" supporting your goals)
  • help you identify and consider alternatives for achieving them
  • help you decide on the best course of action for achieving them
  • present a plan and action list for you to achieve them
  • help you implement parts of the plan as appropriate

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A financial plan is NOT a series of financial recommendations from the adviser which must be followed by a corresponding series decisions by you.  That is not a plan.  It's a big question mark!  And frequently it is not much more than a sales presentation for their products or services.

Unless your adviser is trained to guide you through a repeatable process of decision making, you will still need to decide whether you want to act on the plan or not!

A good financial plan is really a series of pre-made decisions. 

The following is what a Criteria-Based Decision-Making Model might look like for you:

  • Step One:        Prayer - Seek God's help
  • Step Two:       Define your Decision - What exactly is it I am trying to decide upon?
  • Step Three:     Clarify Your Objectives - What am I trying to achieve and why?
  • Step Four:       Prioritize Your Objectives - If I had to choose, which is most important and so on.
  • Step Five:        Identify Your Alternatives - What are some of the different ways I could achieve my objectives?
  • Step Six:          Evaluate Your Alternatives against the Objectives - Rather than evaluating alternatives against one another.
  • Step Seven:     Make a Preliminary Decision - Decide on one of the alternatives.
  • Step Eight:       Assess the Risk - "What could go wrong?"
  • Step Nine:       Make the Final Decision - Re-evaluate.
  • Step Ten:        Test the Decision - Tests: Promise, Partner, Purpose, Preference, and Peace

With a little help and practice, the above process becomes second nature and easily applied to not only the financial planing process (below) but any significant business or personal decision.

Family Financial Servicesí proprietary, Standardized Planning Process** is based on the the guidelines set forth by the CFP Board of Standards. Your Personal Financial Review and Plan will include some or all of the following standard modules, as applicable:

  1. Summary of Financial Goals*;
  2. Summary of Action Plan;
  3. Analysis of Personal Net Worth, including computation of balance sheet;
  4. Education Planning;
  5. Asset Allocation*;
  6. Retirement Planning;
  7. Debt Management Planning;
  8. Accumulation Goal Planning*;
  9. Scenario Comparison;
  10. Insurance needs analysis; and
  11. Estate Planning, including estate valuation estimates, Federal estate tax estimates, and explanation of estate planning strategies.

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*Financial planning services are offered by Jeffry Robinson through HD Vest Advisory Services.SM

**Our planning process is fully documented and available for your review.