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Asian Grandfather and Granddaughter

Jeff Robinson, founder of Family Financial Services (FFS), has been providing qualified and credible income tax, financial planning*, and investment counsel since 1992.

FFS, the origin, journey, and destination... the long version.

The short version... Jeff began his career as an income tax professional, but quickly found his real passion in providing personal financial counsel. He came to this realization after witnessing the common challenge people have reconciling their financial reality (cashflow & savings) with their financial desires (lifestyle & goals). Today, as a fee-based financial professional, his experience, in-depth knowledge of taxation, personal finance, and time tested financial principles are proving to be a valuable and solid foundation for giving wise and credible financial counsel.

Jeff is one of just a few financial advisors in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) that is fully qualified to provide comprehensive tax, financial* and investment* advice:


Dedicated to serving the family
... and our community

  • Enrolled Agent (EA) - As an IRS licensed tax professional, Jeff can be trusted to provide up to date tax preparation and guidance in light of your financial decisions.
  • Qualified Kingdom Advisor - Endorsed by Kingdom Advisors as "Qualified", Jeff has a proven desire and ability to help integrate your finances with your life and empower you to manage them with a Biblical perspective.
    Often times the only difference between a life of “success” and a life of significance is perspective. For those that hold a Biblical world view, it is critical that your financial advisor shares and applies that perspective in hs or her counsel.

Clients of FFS are individuals, families, and self employed individuals.  All find great value in working with a professional who is licensed in both tax and financial matters. Many sense an added benefit in obtaining counsel from someone who strives to integrate values into their counsel..It is Jeff's passion to help you strengthen your life, your family, and the community you serve. He finds great joy in helping his clients, Christian and non-Christian alike, pursue a life of significance and positive influence.

Fee-Based Services

A message from FFS founder, Jeff Robinson:

“As a fee-based advisor, I receive no commission or incentive to recommend any financial product or strategy over another. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest. My only objective is to consider solutions that are in your best interest.
The fee-based approach allows me to better serve each individual client, regardless of income level. Fees on a per-plan, project, or hourly basis, enable me to provide qualified and unbiased tax and financial counsel tailored to your specific financial situation, needs, and budget.”

- Jeff Robinson, Founder

*Financial planning services are offered by Jeffry Robinson through HD Vest Advisory Services.SM