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  • Where’s My Federal Refund? - It is Quick, Easy, and Secure. You could call theIRS at 1-800-829-1954 for assistance, but why make this hard?
  • Where’s My MN Refund? - Easy way to find out. Click here!
  • Where’s My MN Property Tax Refund? - Easy way to find out. Click here!
  • IRS Tax Forms Library - Don’t like searching through the IRS’s web site?  We have a complete list of forms AND instructions right here for you to download and print.
  • IRS Tax Publications Library - Tax Pubs are more topical in nature and provide insight to a tax issue such as renting your residential property. They also serve as a great cure for insomnia.
  • 2013 Basic Tax Organizer - Available in Mid December, 2013.
  • Your Guide to an IRS Audit - Ten video lessons, Your Guide to an IRS Audit" and related materials.  Designed to provide basic information regarding the small business audit process.
  • Simplified Home Office Deduction (You Tube) - New for 2013. The IRS's new, simplified option for claiming a home office deduction greatly reduces paperwork and recordkeeping, but some restrictions apply.

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