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Biblically Responsible Investing

One of the many freedoms we enjoy about our country is the freedom of choice. When it comes to our money, economists call it a free market economy. We exchange our dollars with companies that provide us valuable products and services and invest our money in companies for a potential return. When we buy stocks or bonds we fund the company’s ability to produce their product or service. 

In effect, our investments sponsor companies that manufacture products we buy every day, from cars to computers and food to clothing. Virtually every aspect of our economy with the many services we enjoy and appreciate such as transportation, health care, housing, banking and cable TV, are ultimately sustained by our investments. Just as “We Are The Government ” by voting, we are also “Wall Street” through the dollars we spend and invest. And without knowing it, we may be supporting or “voting for” companies that distribute pornography, promote destructive sexual lifestyles, manufacture abortifacients, or draw people into life-destroying addictions.

Over the past several years we have been learning more and more about ways to invest that avoid and express our non-approval to companies that are involved in, or support these life destroying products or services. Because of this great, free market economy, we have the ability to choose to not partner with corporations that participate in activities that contradict what the Bible considers good. The result is to invest in “Biblically responsible” ways. Biblically responsible investing is a movement that has been growing for some time. More and more investment opportunities are becoming available, right now, enabling the discerning investor to avoid supporting and profiting from companies involved in socially and spiritually destructive activities.

Significant research regarding the activities of thousands of specific companies is available. We can provide a summary report for many mutual funds that have chosen investment alternatives that bringing a Biblical ethic to their investment selection.

Today, it is possible to take a stand and live what you believe through your investments. To learn more, to find out what you may be unknowingly supporting, and review alternatives, please call Family Financial Services today.

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